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Summer '19 So Far

So both Gagan and I study optometry in Dublin – but since we both can’t stay in Europe forever (visa issues, we want to be closer to our families etc etc.) we have to find our way back to North America one way or another. This comes with many administrative and painstakingly long processes that we will endure in the coming years.

The one thing we can’t avoid is doing some sort of board exam, whether that be in Canada in English, French or the NBEO in the United States. The Canadian board exams don’t have an exact advertised study guide, but the NBEO in America has a few. After a bit of research, I purchased a subscription to KMK – which includes a massive study guide, along with plenty of online resource videos.

I especially love the online videos. So far, I am maybe 1/5th of my way through anatomy and Dr. Kyle Cheatham has done a great job presenting anatomy with some inventive mnemonics to help you memorize some dense subjects.

Studying content that I already have more or less learned over the past three years is not my exact idea of summer holidays, but I have been lucky enough to spend my time studying in several locations!

#1 Brussels, Belgium

I spent the first few weeks of vacation in Brussels. To be honest its not always the most beautiful city, but I was lucky enough to find an amazing Café: Maison De Peuple in Saint Gilles that had free wifi, and lots of people either studying or working all day. A side note, beer is only around 3 euro! https://www.cafemdp.com/.

#2 Sproat Lake, British Columbia

Every year my family takes a trip to a lake close enough to Victoria, British Columbia (my hometown!) and this year I brought up all my study supplies with me. I couldn’t ask for a better lakeside view while cramming anatomy into my brain. I also was able to attach my Magnifi Iphone slit lamp attachment to my binoculars – Insta post to come soon….

My Dad still Skies at 65!!

#3 Victoria, British Columbia

This is where I grew up. My parents are both retired so I have lent on them big time and made them ask me some quiz questions and create flashcards to help me drill in on some difficult areas. My mom spends all day in her garden – providing a lovely view out our dining room for me to stare at every now and again as a break. My parents have actually had a few eye problems themselves such as retinal tears, narrow angles, ++ dry eye disease and general complaints about their progressive lenses (Hey! They will be joining me on a special podcast episode soon!)

Close ups of my Moms' garden.

My mom attempting to ask me some quiz questions from KMK! She is a nurse and somehow still remembers some facts like all the cranial nerves!

Sea lions galore on Vancouver Island!

AC and Iris in the backyard. I CAN SEE THE STUPID LINE #Gonio

~ 2 months of study to go, then it's time for the 4th year at TU Dublin Optometry which includes a research project, hospital placement, some final year modules, and a pre-registration placement in a local practice.

Stay tuned for more!

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