About Us

Primary Eye Guys is a podcast and educational platform for students and primary eye care providers. It was founded by two Canadian fourth year optometry students in Dublin, Ireland. Tune in biweekly for the latest happenings in eyecare, our lives, and plenty more!


Gagan Uppal

Daniel Laughlin

Gagan Uppal, is a Canadian student completing his optometric training at the Technological University of Dublin. He hopes to specialize in binocular vision therapies and specialty contact lenses. One day he would like to open a practice in his home town of Bolton, Ontario. Fun fact.... He is a keratconic! And is very particular about his contact lenses.

Daniel is an optometry student Currently living in Dublin, Ireland. Born and raised in Victoria, Canada, Daniel enjoys playing the guitar, wakeboarding, surfing, board games and walking his dog! His favourite optometric interests include colour vision testing, interactive education, and accommodative disorders. Daniel plans to return to Canada to work in the future.